Interview at GIFA 2015 with

Dr. Konrad Weiẞ about Simulation 4.0.

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 Kalkene was founded in 2014




Born in 1982. I studied B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering and M. Sc Materials Sciences in Mondragon Unibertsitatea. I lived in Aachen (Germany) during my Master Thesis and got engaged with Casting Simulations and Calphad modelling (computational thermodynamics). After returning back home, I developed my Ph. D Thesis supervised by Dr. Iñaki Hurtado eta Dr. Konrad Weiß: Calphad coupled microstructure modelling of the AZ91E Mg alloy gravity die casting. The objective was to calculate quantitatively the final mechanical properties and microstrucutre of a casting departing from the alloy composition and geometry.

I speak, write and understand Basque, Spanish, English and German.





Born in 1956. I studied Metallurgy and Foundry Sciences at RWTH University in Aachen. During my Ph. D Thesis I created WinCast®, the FEM based casting simulation software. In 1984 I founded RWP GmbH and in the last 30 years and developed constantly WinCast® in colaboration with customers.

During my activity I cooperated with many universities in reaserch projects, resulting in several Ph. D., M. Sc. and B. Sc. supervisions.

I have provided consulting services on metallurgy, casting processes, simulation and trading, foundry planning and I also had the leadership and coordination role in publicly sponsored research projects.