Interview at GIFA 2015 with

Dr. Konrad Weiẞ about Simulation 4.0.

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Based on Simulation and Calculation, Kalkene offers component and process design optimizations. Our services in detail:

                                  - Mould Filling and Life-Cycle prediction

                           - Solidification analysis

                           - Shrinkage and Porosity prediction

                           - Microstructure analysis

                           - Mechanical Properties prediction

                           - Residual Stress and Deformation

                           - Feeding system. Riser design

                           - Gating system design


Kalkene also offers Consulting Services on

                    - Metallurgy

                - Industry 4.0

                - Casting Process Optimization

                - Introduction to Quality Management Systems

                - Development and Layout of tools, specially for High pressure and Low pressure die casting